Cable Cleats

A device for short circuit protection

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Course Contents

  • Mod 1.Introduction

    Includes a brief history of standards plus the importance of detailed specification to ensure the correct cable fixings are chosen for the environmental conditions and application.

  • Mod 2.Electrical Theory

    Nothing too heavy! Learn about short circuit faults, why they occur and their impact on cable systems. Also, how to calculate the forces involved and therefore how to ensure the correct strength fixings are specified.

  • Mod 3.Materials

    Different applications require differing solutions. Learn how sunshine, pollution and marine environments can cause problems if the wrong materials are specified. How to avoid bimetallic issues and how to prevent corrosion. The importance of fire safety and low emissions is also studied.

  • Mod 4.Testing

    Some exciting video clips of when things go wrong, and of good engineering practice. Appreciate the international standards that apply to cable cleat design and the rigorous testing procedures involved.

  • Mod 5.Applications

    An overview of some cable cleating applications and interesting special cable fixing projects.

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What people are saying...

I found the Ellis cable cleats CPD kept me interested, it was very informative and professionally put together.
Jon Watkins (Electrical Engineer - Kier Construction)
The Ellis CPD training is beneficial because it covers the technical aspects of selecting the right cleat, and it allowed me to discuss cleats with much more confidence.
Rob Rehberg (NASCO)

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